#CINEMAS 🍿are now open!Have you seen #Mulan OR Are you rewatching any of these #movies on @Netflix ? #Netflix #Kissingbooth #SeriouslySingle #LivinginBondage @NetflixNaija #Dangerouslies #Emma #Mulan #film #review

Movie weekend seems like a good idea. The remake of Mulan has been released and is currently showing across cinemas worldwide. Heard some good reviews about the movie so I guess it could make a good watch but if you would rather chill and rewatch any good movies on Netflix, here are some of our picks and if you have not seen these yet, you’re in luck. Enjoy!

Dangerous lies is a very well scripted movie with good acting. In a nutshell, an old man passes from what seems to be complications with his chest(heart), he leaves a chest full of money behind and a couple in love protect the chest with their full chest. 🙂

‘Living in bondage’ was well executed. As revealing and thrilling as the original story. In life, some people have blood on their hands from several human killings that their soul knows no peace so they turn to suicide. 😦 *THE END*

Seriously Single is a really cool story about entanglements. The main characters are two ladies and two guys who totally acted out the “hollywood type” lines in the movie even the clichés. 😂 South Africa’s awesome landscape was fully captured in this movie like a total trip.

Kissing Booth 1&2 is splendid if you enjoy high school love stories except that this movie is sort of like an advanced ‘high school type’ love story. I’d gleefully watch the series if they decide to make it into series.

‘Emma’ is about a rich royal girl who likes everything to go the way she likes, even the boys. A very ‘artful’ movie.

Feel free to leave your comments on any of these movies.

Enjoy your weekend.

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