MY FRIEND IS GETTING MARRIED NEXT WEEKEND BUT someone caught her husband to be in some questionable PDA situation…Public Display of Affection #PDA Who cares? Who’s watching? What do you think? #Art #Artoftheday by @axzper #relationship #affair #love #friendship #gistq

PDA (Public display of affection) is a popular thing in most parts of the world. Not quite the story in Nigeria but the culture of showing off your ‘boo’ or ‘bae’ is certainly gaining a lot of ground with famous #instacouples and people meeting via social media. Thanks to reality shows like big brother, ultimate love too where people meet, date and sometimes get married and become celeb couples after the show, there’s usually the tendency of PDA knowing that ‘paparazzi’ may be around the corner to capture those moments and gain them some extra social buzz.

What do you think about PDA?

Is it your thing?

P.S if it’s not your boo or bae, beware o!

Art by Prosper @Axzper

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