#ABettertime 💥💥 by @davido #Album #Review #Stereogoddess Davido is the hardest working Nigerian artist…read more⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwFbjnXlATSWwE3coyKjhULYJUJRx53V5

Davido works really hard all the time! A great inspiration to any Nigerian in whatever field you may be. Davido defies all odds to make things happen. He is very passionate about music, he makes you realise that passion is what you essentially need to accomplish anything you want.

These are my favorite tracks from Davidos new album, ‘A better time’.

Jowo by @davido 💥💥 Lovely track! My fav song from the album!!
Heaven (Good music! House music is a blessing to this world…a very hevenly sound and the lyrics to this song are totally appealing!)

I got a friend (House music doing the magic to this jam again Ft “Davido Music Worldwide” artiste, Mayorkun, and South Africa’s ‘sho Madjozi’ is pretty sleek with words)

The Best feat Mayorkun (Davido and Mayorkun on that vibe be like 5 and 6!)

Lala feat Ckay cool cool cool french music vibes too.

Tanana feat Tiwa Savage is another feel good track.

Birthday Cake (Nas had a solid flow on this, he came through like it was his)

Holy ground Feat Nicki Minaj (Nicki Minaj did the work on this one, great flow! If you ask me what African country Nicki Minaj is from though, i’d say maybe Zimbabwe…lol where is Djibouti? Interestingly So Crazy is not on my fav list but it’s the only one i find a good collaboration and a good international link between Davido and Dababy. They just were in total absolute sync like the Davido mayorkun song. Reminds me of Blow my mind feat Chris Brown from the previous album.

I think Nigerian artistes generally could really use good song writers right now that not only write song lyrics but also understand the rhythm of music and sounds especially when international features are included. It will help foreign artistes blend better into local collaborations and the sound.

Welldone Davido! Always working hard to put Nigeria on that international map musically. So far, the hardest working Nigerian artist!

Enjoy the full album here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwFbjnXlATSWwE3coyKjhULYJUJRx53V5

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