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@Fireboydml has had the best songs in Nigeria for the past couple of years now. Really proud of @olamide for signing a great artiste! Making Nigeria 🇳🇬 proud! #Fireboy #Music #YBNL #NigerianYouth #Album #Apollo

From the writing of his lyrics to the sound, flow and rhythm of his music, Nigerian artiste, Fireboy (from the YBNL family created by Olamide baddo) has carved out a distinct sound and vibe for himself as an artiste quite different from the popular afrobeats trend. The afrobeats sound is becoming a popular trend worldwide such that without the right lyrics and rhythm, it can be hard to differentiate music/artistes. John Legend’s ‘bigger love’ which is a huge jam had the afrobeat sound infused in it. Beyonces recent album had afrobeats written all over it,

Fireboys sound is so refreshingly Nigerian, mature, takes you through the borders of Africa and still leaves you feeling like you could be in any country in the abroad…

Listen to Blood, tears and goosebumps (2019) here –

Listen to Apollo Album (2020) here –

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