#Recipe Yam fries, green goat meat sauce and veggie prawn chips. #Food #Chef #Cook #CookBook #Foodie #MealPrep #Foodart #Stereogoddess

Happy Sunday!

Ingredients: Yam, Oil, Goat meat/Chicken/Beef, Tomatoes, Pepper, onions, yellow pepper, greens(whatever mix of green vegetables you like), seasoning, thyme,oregano,rosemary, and other herbs🌿 )prawn crackers, carrots, green beans, green peas…

Preparation: Cook meats until soft, set the broth aside…Slice yam and fry. Blend tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and greens(vegetables) and fry for about 20 minutes to make sauce) Add the Chopped meats to fry in the sauce for an extra 5minutes. Add some broth, stir and set aside. In a pan, stir some chopped carrots, green beans and peas until tender then set aside and fry as many prawn crackers as you want.

Serving: Fill the prawn crackers with carrots and greens, serve the goat meat sauce in little bowls and the fried yam slices beside it. Enjoy your meal.

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