#RedNotice is officially on @Netflix ! #NoSpoilers for such a good movie…buttt if u’ve ever pictured any foreign artiste asking “Do you know who I am? I bet you never thought it’d be #EdSheeran + he’s got punching skills too! 🤣😂 ⬇️for our favorite lines #Stereogoddess

Red Notice is now on #Netflix but there’s so much you won’t notice until you’re like OMG! Cool tricks, a lot of stunts and EdSheeran dishing some acting. 🤣 A lot of classic plot twists were nicely brought back to this movie, great scripting and jokes that will make you pause, laugh out loud then continue. Gal Gadot brought her Wonder Woman powerful moves to the film. Here are some of our favorite/funny dialogue lines…

Ryan Reynolds to The rock… “Why are you wearing the hair net, you do not have any hair” 😂

The rock to Ryan Reynolds
“Always watching always listening kinda like Alexa” 🤣

Favorite scene has to be the aircraft/bullet scene.

Enjoy the movie.

-The Stereogoddess Team

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