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If you thought #AGoodTime was cake then you can bet that this new album will be the topping! #Abetter time ’ by @Davido this Friday🎉🎉 🎺🎻🎷💥💥 FEAT @NickiMinaj @ChrisBrown @Nas #Music #Stereogoddess

It’s been ‘a good time’ since Davido dropped that album in 2019 and Chris Brown was a major feature that really blew minds with ‘Blow my mind’ because as we already know, Davido is not really known to feature a lot of artistes. Now, Davido is on to the next […]

@Davido Says; #Fem #NewMusic #Music

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Davido has been silent for some months now. The hardworking ‘omo baba olowo’ who just got awarded a double platinum for his single, ‘FALL’ took a break from social media and just returned with a new single ‘FEM’, must be the ‘baby daddy’ vibes. Here’s what Davido is saying: “To […]