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❤️❤️💥💥🙏🎺🎻Amazing new @Coldplay album FEAT ‘eko’ #Lagos Here- #EverydayLife #Stereogoddess #Albumreview #Coldplay #Album #Music

The lastest album by coldplay is quite amazing. Slightly different from the Coldplay sound we are used to. Obviously dreamy as usual with deeply rooted strings and chords, and stories that take you someplace. They went to Church. This time around, it seems like the band paid a visit to […]

If you thought #AGoodTime was cake then you can bet that this new album will be the topping! #Abetter time ’ by @Davido this Friday🎉🎉 🎺🎻🎷💥💥 FEAT @NickiMinaj @ChrisBrown @Nas #Music #Stereogoddess

It’s been ‘a good time’ since Davido dropped that album in 2019 and Chris Brown was a major feature that really blew minds with ‘Blow my mind’ because as we already know, Davido is not really known to feature a lot of artistes. Now, Davido is on to the next […]