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#ABettertime 💥💥 by @davido #Album #Review #Stereogoddess Davido is the hardest working Nigerian artist…read more⬇️

Davido works really hard all the time! A great inspiration to any Nigerian in whatever field you may be. Davido defies all odds to make things happen. He is very passionate about music, he makes you realise that passion is what you essentially need to accomplish anything you want. These […]

If you thought #AGoodTime was cake then you can bet that this new album will be the topping! #Abetter time ’ by @Davido this Friday🎉🎉 🎺🎻🎷💥💥 FEAT @NickiMinaj @ChrisBrown @Nas #Music #Stereogoddess

It’s been ‘a good time’ since Davido dropped that album in 2019 and Chris Brown was a major feature that really blew minds with ‘Blow my mind’ because as we already know, Davido is not really known to feature a lot of artistes. Now, Davido is on to the next […]

@Davido Says; #Fem #NewMusic #Music

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Davido has been silent for some months now. The hardworking ‘omo baba olowo’ who just got awarded a double platinum for his single, ‘FALL’ took a break from social media and just returned with a new single ‘FEM’, must be the ‘baby daddy’ vibes. Here’s what Davido is saying: “To […]